Adult Industry- what expenses are tax deductible?

Adult Industry- what expenses are tax deductible?

First the costs you CAN claim against your income;

Direct Costs

• Condoms

• Lubricant

• Dry cleaning

• Linen

• Room setting

• Sex toys

• Lingerie

• Agency fees

• Toiletries – if provided (this could also include towels purchased specifically for client use)

General Costs/ Overheads

• Travel to clients

• Telephone (mobile). If you have a separate business & work phone 100% of the business phone will be allowable otherwise a sensible proportion of the personal mobile

• Use of Home as Office – this is generally calculated as approx £200-£250 per year or can be calculated based on percentage of office space v rest of house multiplied by electricity water and heating bills for the year)

• Computer equipment ie laptop/ phone

• Advertising

• Website costs- ie design/ maintenance/ photography

• Website hosting

• Bank charges

• Accountancy fees

And finally those which are NOT allowable for tax ….

• General day to day clothes (or shoes). If you could wear it (in public) other than for work then you won’t get the relief.

• Entertaining (ie food/ drink)

• Rent – unless a separate place of work and home

• Council tax

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